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We currently have over 400 pilot schools world-wide using Quizam.
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Welcome to Quizam Media Corporation

Quizam to a brighter future!

Quizam is a quiz tool that allows you to create and share interactive quizzes in a flashcard format.

Used in over 500 educational institutions around the world, Quizam is a tried, tested, and proven method of studying.

The software has over 1000 quizzes, written by teachers, covering subjects from all areas made for students of all ages.

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Company Info

It all started when Quizam CEO Russ Rossi wanted to help his children study but simply didn't have enough time with his tremendous workload.

Russ being challenged with this problem then started to develop a quiz software that would help his kids "learn faster and score higher".

Once his children's marks improved he was receiving requests from parents for the same flashcard quiz software.

Quizam was then born and has currently grown to be the quiz software used in educational systems throughout the world.

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Quizam is a fun and easy to use interactive flashcard quizzing software made for students of all ages. Anybody can create a quiz of their own to study exactly what they want


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